Start Your Job Search With Us

At cPersonnel we consider our candidates the most valuable resource we have. This is why our priority is providing you exciting and interesting career development opportunities!

Our specialist expertise at cPersonnel have been successfully recruiting candidates in the Supply Chain – Logistics  – International Trade industry for 20 years. We consistently work in partnership with a variety of known companies in the industry creating a collection of career opportunities available for you. So if you are looking for long term career development in this industry, it’s time you talk to us.


Our Recruitment Process

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals interested in Supply Chain – Logistics – International Trade to join our pool of talented candidates! We welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discuss your background and career aspirations.

Candidate Screening

By skills testing - resumes cover letter screening, our recruitment expertise will screen candidates to find the closest applicant-job-description match keeping in mind the qualifications, experience, and skill sets needed for our open positions. Our intention is to connect you with the correct fit for both employee and employer. Life is not about being in the wrong job or culture fit.

Interview Process

If we see that your career aspirations fit the position well, an interview with the client will be scheduled. We know our clients exceptionally well, therefore we can give you great insights in to the organisations that we recruit for.

Post-Interview Process

If you are the successful candidate, we will contact you with a proposed offer from the employer and negotiate on your behalf, if necessary.

If not, we will contact you with full feedback from the employer and keep your resume on file for other opportunities.

Our Expertise

As experienced Supply Chain – Logistics – International Trade recruitment specialist, we are ready and able to assist our clients with a wide variety of expertise from different industries.

Life changing career opportunities are waiting for you at cPersonnel so start your job search with us!

We are ready to listen to your goals and help you simplify job hunting in the Supply Chain – Logistics – International Trade industries. Since the beginning, We have been bridging excellent career opportunities to a pool of potential talent that meet their interests and expertise. From logistics analyst to operations manager to executive leadership, we’ve got you covered! 

Life is not about being in the wrong job or culture fit. We have worked with some great companies already. We think you should join them in your quest for a great life and career!